Token that wins the market

"We analyzed hundreds of tokens. FiPi Token is unique gem!"

We know cryptocurrencies. We like them. Until recently, we were only buying and HODLing them like you. Today we are creating our own token. After analyzing hundreds of projects, we know one thing - FiPi Token is gem that you were seeking for!

Buy, save, earn


Thanks to FiPi APP, which will be created not only as a tool that helps to save your money, but also as a way to hype the value of FiPi Token.

Three $teps

Saving tool for everyone

FiPi APP is a modern toolfor savings in an automated way. We believe that it will be game changer with its simplicity and effectiveness. It will make those who yesterday did not know what cryptocurrencies are, will be able to buy their share in the cryptomarket.

FiPi APP works in three steps:

I.   Register

II.  Select one of FiPi Index

III. Add a payment method

Please note that regardless of the FiPi Index selected, FiPi APP will regularly purchase FiPi Token for 1% of the subscription value, which will be included in each user's savings portfolio

Powered by:

FiPi ecosystem

What characterizes us

We will create demand for FiPi Token: We will create FiPi APP, where an increase in active users will be accompanied by an increase in monthly volume of FiPi Token purchase and thus also in the token’s price. Each user will buy chosen FiPi Index which his portfolio will follow. Regardless of the choice, it will buy FiPi Token every week, worth 1% of the value of weekly purchases. This means that


Example: Alex is the user of FiPi APP with an active monthly subscription equal to 500 USD and the selected FiPi 30 Index. According to the working principles of FiPi ecosystem, FiPi App also makes a purchase (apart from the cryptocurrencies listed in FiPi 30 Index) with a value of 5 USD FiPi Token.
We will create a constraint on the supply of FiPi Token: We have created a FiPi Token, whose owners will be unwilling to dispose of. Each transaction (buying or selling) will include a transaction fee of 5%

If 1 % FiPi Token concept would not be enought to drive huge demand for FiPi token, we have created FiPi Tier system (more details below). Depending on what percentage of the FiPi APP user's portfolio will be FiPi Token, such a TIER will be assigned to him. Along with obtaining a TIER, the user will be granted a discount on the FiPi APP fee (more details below)


After the end of PreSale, no one will ever be given the LEGENDARY INVESTOR TIER.

Transfer fee

How we split it?

1% Burning

Will be burnt Permanent removal of a part of the tokens from the market will lead to the decrease in the number of tokens in circulation and hence an increase in the token’s value

1% Reflection

This part of the fee will be automatically distributed to every user with the FiPi in their portfolio

1% Liquidity Pool

This part of the fee will be transferred to the Liquidity Pool. Due to that the FiPi Token’s price will be increased.

2% Marketing

This part of the transfer fee will be sent to a dedicated wallet, the funds from which will be used only for FiPi marketing purposes

FiPi APP Pricing and Tier System

FLEX PLAN - indefinite period 12M PLAN 24M PLAN
FiPi APP fee for balancing
[% of portfolio value]
0,99% 0,59% 0,49%
Withdrawal of funds
[% of portfolio value]
0% withdrawal of funds after 12 months: 0% withdrawal of funds after 24 months: 0%
Withdraw of funds before
the end of the chosen plan
0% withdrawal of funds before 12 months: 5% withdrawal of funds before 24 months: 5%

FiPi APP fees will be reduced for FiPi Token holders in our Tier System.

How many FiPi Tokens should you have? FiPI Token 2% portfolio FiPI Token 3% portfolio FiPI Token 5% portfolio Purchase of FiPi Token for 1BNB at PreSale or PrivateSale
What do i gain? 20% discount on FiPi APP fee for balancing 40% discount on FiPi APP fee for balancing 60% discount on FiPi APP fee for balancing LIFETIME: free balancing / free withdrawal / free early withdrawal regardless of portfolio value
Access to exclusive FiPi Crypto Index (e.g. FiPi Small MC Crypto Index) Access to closed FiPi APP tests

Please note that that in the presented ecosystem everyone is winners and earn on FiPi Token!

We, the Dev Team - on the increasing value of the FiPi Project
You, FiPi Token HODLer - Thanks to regular FiPi Token purchases by FiPi APP users and transaction fee
FiPI APP users - Because after the first automatic purchse in FiPi APP, he becomes the owner of FiPi Token, i.e. he derives profits from the same bonuses that other token HODLers are entitled to.

Why FiPi Token

Liquidity pool will be blocked

and we, as the founders, will not be allowed to make any withdrawals from it. The possibility to exchange the FiPi token for BNB at any time is guaranteed.

Our application will be a

success on the global market

. We believe that it will allow us to reach a mass audience, which will greatly influence the value of the FiPi Token and hence your portfolio

Let’s remind:

an increase in the number of active users of FiPi APP will translate into a rise in the value of all subscriptions (the value of the monthly purchases of all users). At the same time

1% of all subscriptions will be used to purchase the FiPi Token

on a decentralised exchange!

As the value of the FiPi APP user's portfolio increases, he will have to have more FiPi Tokens in order to have the selected TIER and thus reduce the FiPi APP fee for using FiPi APP

We want to take advantage of it and turn it into a PR and, first, financial success.

We know how to do it.

Investment in cryptocurrencies has been gaining in popularity.


% Allocation Vesting
Seed 9% 5 400 000 10% released on TGE; 3 month cliff;
then linear 12 months
Private 4% 2 400 000 20% released on TGE; then linear 10 month
Presale Moonstarter 3.5% 2 100 000 40% released on TGE; then linear 10 month
Presale zelwin 1.5% 900 000 40% released on TGE; then linear 10 month
Presale 4% 2 400 000 40% released on TGE; then linear 10 month
Development 15% 9 000 000 6 months cliff; then 10% / month
Marketing 15% 9 000 000 1 months cliff; then 5% / month
Liquidity 15% 9 000 000 Initial liquidity on DEX/CEX +
LP rewards provided over 12 months
Ecosystem 18% 10 800 000 3 months cliff; then 5% / month
Advisors 5% 3 000 000 6 months cliff; then 10% / month
Team 10% 6 000 000 12 months cliff; then 10% / quater


Q3 2021

Creation of the FiPi Token BSC concept
Legal analysis of planned implementations
Creating a team to implement the project
Creating a beta version of FiPi Token

Q4 2021

Agressive community Private Sale marketing campaing
Recruitment for the FiPi team
Whitelist for Private Sale
Creating promo video

Q1 2022

Private Sale
Recruitment for Chief Marketing Officer
Workshops on $FiPi Staking System
Selection of the advisor team for the FiPi
Workshops on $FiPi Tokenomics
TechRate $FiPi audit
Analyzes and works on the additional of FiPi Crypto Indexes

Q2 2022

Whitelist for Presale
IDO on
IDO Sale on
Implementation of $FiPi Staking System
Close alpha & beta version FiPi APP tests
Coinmarketcap & Coingecko Listing
Referral reward system implementation for IDO
IDO on
DEX listing
Certik audit
FiPi APP launch

Q3 2022

$FiPi burning even
Implementation of th FiPi APP Loyalty Program

Q4 2022

Implementation of the AML / KYC policy
Further improvement of $FiPi Staking System
Introduction of new exclusive FiPi Crypto Indexes
$FiPi Christmas BUSD Lottery

Q1 2023

Tier one CEX listin
Adding G-Pay | Apple Pay | Mastercard | VISA | Maestro

Q2 2023

Creation of a multichain wallet
Launch of the $ FiPi Loan System
FiPi Limited Staking Dividend
Implementation in the FiPi APP DeFi products aggregator (new $FiPi utility)

Q3 2023

Obtaining a PSD2 license for the intermediation of FIAT payments in the application
Introduction of $FiPi credit card

Our team


CEO / Founder
  • Member of the board of FiPi Limited.
  • 4 years experience in crypto trading
  • Coordinator of $FiPi project.
  • Lawyer and professional advisor of international companies.
  • Owner of a cryptocurrency mine

CTO / Co-Founder
  • Member of the board of FiPi Limited
  • 6 years experience in app development.
  • Director of the development department of FiPi.
  • 3 years experience in crypto trading.

  • Member of the board of FiPi Limited
  • 4.5 years experience in crypto trading.
  • Head of the sales department of FiPi.
  • Experienced businessmen.
  • E-commerce sale specialist.
  • Owner of a cryptocurrency mine

Our advisors


  • Co-founder of
  • Involved in the incubation of over 30 projects.
  • Five years experience on the emerging markets.
  • Early investor/adopter, value finder and cryptocurrency enthusiast.
  • Strategic business relationship manager since 2015.

PhD - Advisor
  • Co-Founder and CEO of ZELWIN ecosystem with market cap > $25O.OOO.OOO.
  • Founder of Private Business Club.
  • Rated Top 3 in People of Blockchain.
  • Serial entrepreneur.
  • A businessman with 20 years of experience of owning different types of businesses, Advisor supporting dozens of projects worldwide.

Chief Marketing Officer
  • Founder of Marketing Agency
  • Raised over 10M+ in presale funds for more than 30 projects.
  • Marketing manager of King Floki owned by Travladd, Benson and Krakovia.
  • Skilled in creating marketing campaigns depending on the needs of specific projects.
  • Marketing Expertise in NFT / BSC / ETH and CRO blockchain-based projects.
  • Highly knowledgeable in the Asian market and creating large communities of active investors.

Advisor of CTO
  • Owner of King Floki /w Travladd & Benson.
  • Launched more than 30 projects on BSC as smart contract developer
  • Creator & developer of @krakovia_contract_checker_bot @krakoviahoneysnipe, Fast Tool, KK PK Channels
  • Official Partner of Cryptolutions Marketing Agency
  • Founder of KKTeam (2-man army) who develop blockchains utilities