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The Fipi APP was created to revolutionize the way of modern savings with automated purchases in accordance with crypto indexes.

How does it work?

Not everyone

Needs to know about cryptocurrencies.

However, everyone has heard that you can make money on them. The FiPi APP is the answer to the needs of every average person who wants to save in a crypto. The FiPi APP is an application that gives everyone the cryptocurrency market on a tray.

We believe that the cryptocurrency market is for everyone!

Imagine that you register, and you get the option to choose one of the FiPi Indexes, add a payment method and it's ready! Only 3 steps separate you from entering the world of modern saving.

is our way to gain your sympathy and trust.

Why FiPi APP?

We provide our users with the answers to the three most common questions in the crypto’s’world:

What cryptocurrencies should I buy?
Those that are currently placed on one of the 3 FiPi Indexes In long term when market grows by 130% the user's portfolio grows by 130% (passive way of investing like ETF on regular financial market!)

Is it a good moment for shopping crypto?
Every moment to begin purchases with the DCA system is right! You will buy cryptocurrencies that are listed in the FiPi Indexes.

How to buy crypto?
By means of FiPi APP

The 3 pillars of FiPi APP

FiPi APP is an automated regular saving tool. We believe that you have worked hard for your savings - that’s why WE MITIGATE THE RISK!

Dollar-cost averaging

If you choose to save $ 400 per month, FiPi APP will make weekly purchases of $ 100 / week

FiPi Index by BITA GmbH

FiPi 30 Index / FiPi DeFi Index / FiPi Meta NFT Index


Automated following the market (passive, automatic portfolio management). We believe in crypto, we focus on the diversification of savings. In long term when market grows by 130% the your portfolio grows by 130% (ETF like)

Dollar-Cost Averaging

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy in which an investor divides up the total amount to be invested across periodic purchases of a target asset in an effort to reduce the impact of volatility on the overall purchase. The purchases occur regardless of the asset's price and at regular intervals.

Max and Albert concluded that they both want to move some of their savings (FIAT) to the world of cryptocurrencies. Let’s use simplest example – BTC!
Max buys BTC in one moment – without applying DCA:
On 9th May 2021 Max wanted to move some of his savings kept in FIAT to the cryptocurrencies market. To do this, he bought BTC for the equivalent of 5.000 USD with the exchange rate of 58.771 USD.
How many BTC did Max buy without applying DCA? 0,08508 BTC

Albert spreads BTC purchase in time – applying DCA:
On 9th May 2021 Max wants to move some of his savings (FIAT) to the cryptocurrencies market. He wants to allocate 5000 USD. In order to average the purchase price, he spreads the BTC purchase process over 6 months (27 weeks – the completion of the BTC purchase process on 11th July 2021) so that he buys the cryptoasset for 185 USD every week.
How many BTC did Albert buy applying the DCA system? 0.116055 BTC Albert brought BTC for about 5.000 USD with the average exchange rate of 43.039 USD for 1 BTC
Result: On 9th May 2021 the exchange rate was equal to 61.661 USD for 1 BTC. Thus the value of Max’s savings increased by about 5%, while the value of Albert’s savings increased by over 43%!

Annual return dollar cost
averaging $50 a week

FiPi Index

by BITA GmbH

30 Index
DeFi Index
Meta NFT Index
The core creation of our app, which is the FiPi Crypto index, will be in the hands of a professional, experienced, and independent entity with an excellent reputation in the financial world – BITA GmbH.

About BITA

Who is responsible for the FiPi Index?

BITA GmbH is a German company Fintech, which provides indexes and data for corporate infrastructure used by institutions operating in passive and quantitative spheres of investment. Thanks to an innovative indexing software, designed to outperform other existing solutions in terms of flexibility and speed, BITA can provide independent, methodologically-sound indexes, which can be both invested in and reproduced by clients and stakeholders. The methodologies and processes behind BITA are fully transparent and available to the public. BITA has implemented an array of processes and policies to ensure full adherence to the rules of financial benchmarking and the EU Benchmark regulation, which has been in force since 1st January 2018 and concerns both EU and non-EU entities administering the indexes used in the EU.


How we shadow the market?

The FiPi APP will ensure that the collected cryptocurrencies remain in relation to each other in accordance with the FiPi Indexes adopted by BITA GmbH. Thanks to this, without your participation, your portfolio will follow the market!
Don't be dependent on signal groups! Trust passive crypto asset management.
Passive management of your savings!

In FiPi APP we use a passive saving method. What does it mean? The application will follow the market in the most automated and accurate way possible. By monitoring the FiPi Indexes it will accurately mirror the changes in them. Passive management over the years is the only effective method of investing in financial markets. Take advantage of it in the crypto market with FiPi APP

We take advantage of the fact that the market has been systematically growing over the years. Thanks to us, you will become the owner of a selected part of the market and your savings will grow with it!

FiPi APP in 3 steps!

FiPi APP Pricing

FLEX PLAN - indefinite period 12M PLAN 24M PLAN
FiPi APP fee for balancing
[% of portfolio value]
0,99% 0,59% 0,49%
Withdrawal of funds
[% of portfolio value]
0% withdrawal of funds after 12 months: 0% withdrawal of funds after 24 months: 0%
Withdraw of funds before
the end of the chosen plan
0% withdrawal of funds before 12 months: 5% withdrawal of funds before 24 months: 5%

FiPi APP fees will be reduced for FiPi Token holders in our Tier System.

Do you want to be a part of the FiPi Army?

Join us by buying FiPi Token. It has something unique that will win the sympathy not only of investors and the market, but also a wide group of recipients for whom the world of crypto and investments has so far been unattainable. And this sympathy will translate directly into the value of our token. How?

That something special is an FiPi APP. FiPi Token will be regularly bought by FiPi APP users - regardless of the FiPi Index selection, they will also regularly buy 1% of our token! Thanks to this, it will be constantly in circulation, and all its owners (i.e. users of the application after the first purchase) will earn on it.

In addition, FiPi APP users who want to reduce the amount of FiPi APP fees will have to have a certain number of FiPi Tokens (TIER system) in their portfolio.

Do you understand why it is worth having it in your portfolio?